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Mike Diamond – How To Create An Unbreakable Mindset

Mike Diamond (Author, Entrepreneur, Entertainer, World Record Holder) explains what it takes to create an unbreakable mindset. Mike has faced a lot of adversity in his life and gives tactical advice on how to fight through any tough situation you are going through in your life.

Mike shares his stories and experiences to demonstrate how to step into opportunities, get ahead, and set yourself apart from everyone else. From growing up in Perth, Australia with a drug & alcohol addiction, to being handed a winning green card lottery ticket while working in a retail store, to having TV shows and breaking world records, Mike Diamond’s story is one you definitely need to hear.

Sam Bakhtiar – Winning Against All Odds & Becoming A $100 Million Dollar CEO

In this week’s episode of Decide Your Destiny, Doctor, Author, Body Builder & 100M Dollar CEO Sam Bakhtiar tells his story of coming to America as a refugee at 11 years old without knowing a lick of English. We dive into what it was like growing up in those circumstances and how it made him resilient. We discuss Sam losing everything in 2008 and having to start over from scratch. We also go into his divorce and all of the problems and obstacles he had to fight through to get to where he is today along with many more topics.

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Alex Morton – 2020 Interview – A True Story Of Grit & Deciding Your Own Destiny

In this episode of Decide Your Destiny, Alex Morton – bestselling author, global speaker, & momentum creator – tells the ultimate story of grit and manifesting everything in his life. Alex tells us about his childhood and growing up with personal development in the household. He then goes into his entrepreneurial experiences and struggles with getting kicked out of the dorms and businesses failing. We dive into going from highs to lows, what that does to your mindset, the lessons you can take away from these situations, and how to pull yourself out. Aside from this, we cover many topics from personal development, to relationships, to creating momentum in your life.

omar elattar interview thumbnail

Omar Elattar – Broke, Lost & Depressed To Over 7 Million Downloads, 120K+ Youtube Subs & Lots Of $$$

Omar Elattar, creator of The Passionate Few, shares an inspiring story of going from broke, $30,000 in debt, lost, and depressed to interviewing over $10 Billion worth of entrepreneurs, achieving over 7 million downloads, and over 120,000 subscribers on YouTube. He breaks down his experience of going from an insane high of traveling around the country with Rob Dyrdek and living a rockstar lifestyle to a low of door-to-door solar sales in the steaming heat. He explains how going from this high to low affected his mindset and left him confused, depressed, and abusing his body to numb the pain. We dive into this scenario and break down the steps Omar took to get out of this rut and start The Passionate Few. This is one of the many topics covered in this interview.

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Bobby Castro – 9th Grade Dropout Creates A Billion Dollar Company

Episode Summary: In this episode of Decide Your Destiny, Bobby Castro shares his story of how he dropped out of high school in 9th grade and went on to create a company and exit at a billion-dollar valuation. Bobby Castro founded Bankers Healthcare Group and grew it to a billion-dollar valuation while also amassing a real estate portfolio worth 400 million dollars. In this episode, Bobby explains his childhood, his first entrepreneurial experience, the power of information, how to get unstuck, and much more.